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Steps To Be Taken For Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability

Manufacturing plants have dozens of different types of machinery at work. Some of these are directly related to the manufacturing process, while others have different purposes like improving air quality or energy efficiency. This article talks about a few of the common types of machinery that are often found in factories and plants and what they are for.


Certainly you have driven by a factory at one time or another and witnessed the white cloud coming out of the smoke stakes. It is very likely that before that air was expelled to the environment that it went through some type are air pollution control device. These devices are designed to remove harmful particles that may result from the manufacturing process. It is important that these are removed because if humans breathe them in, a number of respiratory problems can result. One common method for removing these harmful particles is a Thermal Oxidizer.


Thermal oxidizers are available in a variety of different designs for different types of particles. They are very effective in removing the material and can have as high as 99% efficiency. Often government regulations require that factories have this type of equipment for air pollution control. Factories also need to have proper ventilation. Buildings are designed to be very well insulated so that heat or cool is not lost to the outside.


However, this prevents proper air exchange and factories need to ensure that the air quality inside the building is safe for the employees that work there. However, it is important that energy efficiency is not lost as a result of this ventilation. A heat recovery system can achieve this goal. Heat Recovery Systems allow buildings to have the proper heat exchange while maintaining the temperature and humidity inside the building. This helps to reduce energy costs for heating and cooling. This type of system typically is specifically designed for each individual plant.


The plant must be carefully evaluated and a system must be designed and engineered for that building. These systems can result in huge energy savings. Another piece of equipment that is common is an industrial oven. Industrial ovens are not just for companies that make food and baked goods. There are many other uses for industrial ovens also. For example if a factory makes products out of plastic molds or other materials, an oven is needed to cure the molds. These can range from very simple to an entire line of machinery that the product must go through.


There are many more types of equipment that plants and factories have on hand. Factories have equipment that is directly related to the products they are making as well as machines that are for different purposes such as improving air quality and removing pollution. If you every have an opportunity to tour a manufacturing plant, you are likely to see these systems and many more.