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Tips For Renting a Party Tent

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While there are many different types of party tents on the market, the most important thing to consider is what kind of event it is for. For example, a 20-foot by 20-foot party tent is a good choice if you're throwing a large birthday celebration. These types of tents are often waterproof and UV-treated, and come with leg valances for decorative accents. They are available in a variety colors and materials, including vinyl or polyester (leje af festtelt).


A frame tent is another option for your rental needs. These are great for outdoor events that don't require a center pole. They're also a great option if you don't want a large interior area. These structures are very popular with renters because they have professional-looking interiors. If you're planning an indoor event, you'll probably want a frame tent. This is a good option if you are renting a tent for a small event.


You will be renting a tent from a rental company. The set-up process can be terribly slow, especially if traffic is heavy or you're throwing an outdoor event. If you host a large event, it may be more costly to hire labor to set up the tent. Even if you choose to rent a party shelter, remember that you're renting a place to have a big celebration, and the only way to do that is to find a party tent rental company that will do the work for you.


The number of guests at your event will determine the type of party tent you choose. You should aim for about 10 square feet per person. When determining the size of your rental, there are a few things you should consider. These extras, like a dance floor or tables, can greatly increase the rental's size. Also, consider how much light comes in from the outside. If you're planning an indoor event, you might want to have lighting inside the tent.


The size of a party tent should depend on the number of guests. A pop-up canopy tent is best for outdoor events. But if you're throwing an indoor event, a high peak frame is the better choice. Depending on the size of your rental company, you may also need to rent a larger party tent if you're expecting more people. The size of your rental will depend on your operational style and the number of guests.


The size of your rental depends on how many guests are expected. Tents larger than 10 feet are best for indoor events. Typically, a 10-foot diameter tent is enough to accommodate a dance floor. A dance floor can hold up to four people so it is important to think about the type of table you will use. And don't forget to consider the lighting in your event space.